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Folding Carton Idea Book
Paperboard Boxes Idea Book
Carton Labels Idea Book




PDF or Flip Book
Folding Cartons Idea Book.
Look through compelling designs for our standard paperboard folding carton styles.

PDF or Flip Book
Paperboard Boxes Idea Book.
Take note of how creative you can be with standard paperboard box constructions.

PDF or Flip Book
Packaging Labels Idea Book.
Some of our standard labels shown with simple to complex design elements.


Packaging idea books with examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Ideas books  present you with different designs that have been applied to our standard packaging products. Each idea book contains big images and short write ups for each of standard folding cartons, paperboard boxes and carton label products. You will see individual examples of each product and a design theme or branding applied to one of more different sizes, shape or types of packaging products. The idea books team up well with our How To Guides.

Most of the packaging examples shown in the idea books see are available as free samples. The postage and the sample costs are on us. If you already have a package you like or have used before, please use the Match Mine option and we'll get you ideas and pricing, quick.

Folding carton and paperboard box ideas focus on the graphical design opportunities afforded by the flat printed and shipped construction. The examples in the folding carton and paperboard box idea books are graphically amazing and with the help of our How To Guides, you can create the same professional and attention grabbing packaging.

The carton label idea book showcase unique product applications ranging from packaging labels for bakery labels to perfume products. You will see how compelling label designs can be used for different packaging styles and applications. As with any of the example products in the idea books, you can order free samples, anytime.