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Custom Made And Printed Folding Cartons

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PDF or Flip Book
How To Guide For Folding Cartons.
How to design folding cartons that work for your products, your distribution points and your budget.

PDF or Flip Book
How To Guide For Paperboard Boxes.
How to design paperboard boxes that work for your products, distribution points and budget.

PDF or Flip Book
How To Guide For Carton Labels.
Label design tips and lots of insights. Labels for application to point of sale packaging.


Packaging design simplified for small business and small quantity packaging.

Try the design tips in our Packaging Design How To Guides before you start designing your project. The guides are product specific, so there’s one for folding cartons and one for paperboard boxes and one for carton and box labels. The guides can be viewed as a flip book and downloaded as a pdf. Our Packaging How To Guides are free.

Inside of each guide, you’ll see a gallery of ideas and a variety of uses and tips to help you choose the right packaging and labels for your product. All of the examples in the guides are based on working with our standard templates so you can transfer what you learn directly to a standard package or label printed with your artwork. There’s step by step information to help you make sure your artwork is laid out correctly to align with folding carton assembly.

You will find lots of tips that should save you time and help you get the best results for your packaging project. There’s also information to help you decide when to migrate from standard sizes and shapes to custom sizes and shapes.